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January 26, 2010 by Sarojini Seupersad

2009 proved to be a very tumultuous year for many people, including myself. While writing about frivolity and asking silly questions is my all-time favorite pastime, I just didn’t have much free time as I would have liked to devote to this blog, between looking for “serious” work or a full-time gig. Along with everyone else, I’ve felt the pinch of the recession and feel the impending ‘doomness.’ But it’s also had an unexpected effect: I’ve become uber aware of my mortality. I’m in my 30’s after all, and feeling like it can all come to a screeching halt, a startling end at any moment, I think, is pretty normal for someone who fears death as much as I do.  But that, coupled with The Great Recession, has kicked me in the head harder than Brett Favre trying to relive his hey-day, and I know I have to do things my way, do things that make me happy, lest I end up going to that Eternal Sleep before I get to see my name in those proverbial lights.

Here’s to kicking 2010’s ass around the corner and back again. Are you with me?

It’s been pretty good so far and I’ve overheard (being the perfectly nosy gal that I am) wonderful slices of New York City conversation like this juicy tidbit from Saturday night that I must share with you:

Man behind the Whole Foods fish counter: Hey, you watching the big game tomorrow night? (Referring to the Jets game)

Old timey customer: (Disinterested) No, I don’t really like baseball, I like football.

Man behind the Whole Foods fish counter: (Enthusiastic and still smiling, although he now knows the old man is not totally with it) Umm, yeah, it’s the Jets game. It gonna be a big game, you know!

Old timey customer: Oh, I don’t care. (Shuffles away.)

Thank you, Old Man, for being a perfect curmudgeon and not giving a damn about the Superbowl or even what month it is (You don’t like baseball?!), but most of all, for making me laugh as I walked through a supermarket and helping me remember why I love New York.

I’m going to get back to what I love; write more, share more and do more. You should, too.  Have a good story? Please share your funny New York stories or recession stories and I’ll be sure to post them.

Happy 2010!


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