Two things I won’t miss about 2010: Pomplamoose.


January 1, 2011 by Sarojini Seupersad

I won't stop singing until you're all crazy in the head.

Have you seen these two? If you haven’t, consider yourself very lucky. For most of the holiday season, I’ve had to grunt, grind my teeth and bear through these incredibly annoying Hyundai Holiday commercials, over and over and over again. Every commercial break, there they are, on a loop, singing their syrupy, high-pitched versions of holiday favorites. Muting the television just isn’t enough. It’s already in my head. I hum it in the shower and when I’m returning emails. I see their seemingly unwashed, not-exactly-ready-for-television faces in my head before I go to sleep. I want them to suffer. Suffer like I do, like everyone around me, through the repetitive music, through the vacant doe-eyed stare, the zany holiday antics,  the stop-motion dance moves and of course, those incessant sleigh bells.

The music duo featured in Hyundai’s commercials is Pomplamoose (a dumbed-down version of the french word for grapefruit. Ah! I hate you so much.), consisting of Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte, a cutesy, sweet-sounding indie band from California who have a very large following on Youtube (why?). Maybe they are talented and good-natured people, but OMG, I cannot hear their awful version of Jingle Bells anymore. I’ll buy a Hyundai. I’ll knit a hipster sweater. I’ll stop washing my face for GOD’S SAKE. I’ll do anything you want, but please please please, make it stop.

It won’t stop, however. The commercials are scheduled to run all the way through January 3. You can blame the economy, but I blame Pomplamoose.

Update: My very good friend and I have devised an ingenious plan to kill Pompaloose and bury them in a Hyundai, after a successful boycott of sleigh bells and grapefruit.


2 thoughts on “Two things I won’t miss about 2010: Pomplamoose.

  1. m marsicano says:

    i know these ffffffffffffuggin’ commercials. they interrupt my 4 hour sports radio tv show ten times daily. they’re like belle & sebastian without the machismo.

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