WABC Likes To Hire Crazy People

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January 6, 2011 by Sarojini Seupersad

The weather is complicated!

Heidi Jones, the meteorologist for WABC NY’s local news, or Eyewitness News for the Tri-Staters, is sort of annoying. She has a problem with meter, a strange habit of taking strong pauses every few words, like she’s reciting poetry instead of reporting the weather. Her pauses are so pronounced, my sister and I have nicknamed her Heidi Haiku. As an Eyewitness News weather anchor for some time now,  Heidi Haiku shares some of her personal life with her news audience and that’s how I know she’s an avid runner and blogs about her love for the sport. I respect that. She really is a well-rounded person. Matter of fact, when Heidi Haiku is not busy running marathons or reciting the most intense storm poetry on the five o’clock news, she is making up other stories and reporting them to the police. Yes, really. She really does this. She allegedly told police she was attacked by a man in September, then attacked again in November by the same wily fellow. “A hispanic man,” no less. During one of the attacks, she said he tried to rape her. Wait. So, a strange man attacked her, and then found her a couple of months later and attacked her again? How does that happen in a city of 8 million people? Well, turns out she was making it all up. Why, you ask? Why would a young news anchor just starting out in a very coveted, high-profile position risk her whole career and livelihood to make up stories? She claims stress  but we all know it was for attention, of course. Because a TV reporter probably doesn’t get enough attention. Now, I’m not a local news anchor, but I have been stressed out before and during those moments of intense stress, I’ve never called the police and made-up stories. But that’s just me.

Heidi Haiku was in court yesterday trying to stay out of jail for filing a false police report and for receiving police protection against her made-up (hispanic!) assailant. WABC has put her on indefinite suspension – until she is no longer a lying racist, I guess? Which, as I’m sure you know, will happen in about never years.

In February of 2010, WABC’s sportscaster Marvell Scott was arraigned for reportedly having sex with a 14-year-old in 2008. He says it was a grand set-up, he’s being framed and he was actually trying to help the girl (right up to his apartment) whom he saw crying on the street. Marvell, have we gotten your honest intentions all wrong? Are you really just a misunderstood, good Samaritan? Uh…no, because if a girl needs help, you call the police, not do whatever it is you did.  BTW – this dude’s a doctor. Yikes. Oh ABC, how do you find these gems?


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