Best Moment in Cat Movie History


February 22, 2011 by Sarojini Seupersad

I talk to my mother with this mouth. Yes, I do.

As you know, I am an avid Jeopardy! watcher, not a Johnny-come-lately-for-Watson watcher, but a bona fide fan. I watch it every night. Not for Alex Trebek’s shockingly consistent cardboard personality or even to make fun of the lame ‘story time’ with the contestants – You named your dog after your mother-in-law? Hilarious! What a trickster you are! –  but because I think there’s something pleasingly masochistic about shouting the wrong answers at the television to very distant people who are undoubtedly faster and smarter than I am. Monday night, however, I was vindicated. During the teen tournament, this annoying teenage girl Raya, who would practically high-five herself for every correct answer she gave, did this weird thing – and the heavens sang. Not only did she lose, but she’s also forever going to be known for slowly muttering the words, “Pussy furry,” on national television. Watch the clip below. Seriously. You need this.

Failure on a nationally syndicated game show.

Watson is pissed. Consider his 15 minutes over.

2 thoughts on “Best Moment in Cat Movie History

  1. j.p. says:

    I was so stoked when Ms. “Furry” won that Double Jeopardy tonight; double-stoked that she won! (How did all those crazy kids think the Colossus was moved?!)

  2. John, I can always count on you to pay attention!

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The Art of the American Nickname


Lots of reading happening today, and as always - lots of thinking.
We live in strange times and I have a feeling things are going to continue to be strange for a long time. Yes is no, no is yes. Our current culture is making me so so so serious, and while that's great for my creative output, it's a terrible attitude to have towards the internet - and towards life. I try to promote the arts because I think that's important, now more than ever, but that's pointless in a vacuum. I love to see what everyone is up to, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to deal with all the banal shit we all post all day long. Another article we've all read, another baby photo, another dumb meme or platitude. Yes, life is about meaningful details and these moments are worthwhile to pay attention to, and it's possible to care about many things at once. Yes. At the same time, I just can't do it. I get upset about something (or everything) and then scroll and scroll, hoping to find an idea or a wonderful distraction, but I'm scrolling my life away, I'm scrolling my life away, I'm trying to scroll my way out of our problematic current reality and instead I'm encountering all this nonsense I do not want or need. A fair, progressive vision is falling apart and what is the internet giving me? A blurry selfie. Trolls. A cheesy meme (or worse - a racist meme). Terrible journalism. This is making me think deeply about my social media habits, how we are all filling (wasting) our time, who we are, how not to take this all so seriously and what I want to get out of this vs what I'm actually getting. I'm not too thrilled with being so self-involved, but that's what social media forces you to be. What are we all doing here and is it really worth our unmitigated attention? My answer is no.

I think the internet is great. I don't, however, think the same way about social media. It's turned into a cesspool. I don't have any answers, I don't know what I'm going to do (shut down my accounts? I don't know), but I really hope I learn to take the good with the bad, and stop wasting my time scrolling scrolling scrolling towards nirvana yet never getting there, never getting anywhere except mad. Favorite scene from the late and great Abbas Kiarostami's 2010 film 'Certified Copy.' The reflection of sky and buildings, merging with the image of two people talking, makes the most interesting visual - and it's hard to decide what to focus on, which is exactly what makes this scene the most riveting and beautiful. The conversation is also confusing, giving you a pronounced sense of vertigo. If you haven't seen any of Kiarostami films, I highly recommend them, but start with 'Where Is My Friend's House,' or 'The Wind Will Carry Us.' Both are divine. Hiroshima, Mon Amour, 1959 Looks like The Emily's have cornered the market on debut novels this week

#threeemilys ? Watching the dawn turn into daylight during my morning run? Pretty swell, I have to admit Here's to more varied and interesting views in 2017. Let's keep looking up and living the details.
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