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Best Moment in Cat Movie History

I talk to my mother with this mouth. Yes, I do.

As you know, I am an avid Jeopardy! watcher, not a Johnny-come-lately-for-Watson watcher, but a bona fide fan. I watch it every night. Not for Alex Trebek’s shockingly consistent cardboard personality or even to make fun of the lame ‘story time’ with the contestants – You named your dog after your mother-in-law? Hilarious! What a trickster you are! –  but because I think there’s something pleasingly masochistic about shouting the wrong answers at the television to very distant people who are undoubtedly faster and smarter than I am. Monday night, however, I was vindicated. During the teen tournament, this annoying teenage girl Raya, who would practically high-five herself for every correct answer she gave, did this weird thing – and the heavens sang. Not only did she lose, but she’s also forever going to be known for slowly muttering the words, “Pussy furry,” on national television. Watch the clip below. Seriously. You need this.

Failure on a nationally syndicated game show.

Watson is pissed. Consider his 15 minutes over.

2 comments on “Best Moment in Cat Movie History

  1. j.p.
    February 24, 2011

    I was so stoked when Ms. “Furry” won that Double Jeopardy tonight; double-stoked that she won! (How did all those crazy kids think the Colossus was moved?!)

  2. Sarojini Seupersad
    February 25, 2011

    John, I can always count on you to pay attention!

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Sarojini Seupersad

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Not sure why this book took more than 50 years to get published but incredibly interested in the back story. It's based on his short story from 1946, "Homecoming," and maybe this dedication is saying it's terrible and was only published because it has the name Bradbury on the cover? Is that too cynical? Maybe it wasn't finished until 2000? I have no idea but diving in anyway. I have to do some research. #RayBradbury #FromtheDustReturned #Homecoming My family was visiting for a while, and then I was sick, so I haven't had the presence of mind to read. But I did finally finish A Moveable Feast and it's better than I remember. I'd forgotten about Hemingway's simplicity and economy of word. So many great stories, but the beauty really lies in his insight into human behavior, simple observations and also, his omitions. What were Gertrude and Alice arguing about? Doesn't matter, he finally had to acknowledge Gertrude was a mere human and not a god, he had seen her hypocrisy and decided to move on. Oh man, such a lovely read. I can go on and on, but I won't. Everyone thinks he was a great writer, and there's a good reason for it. He was.

I'm sitting in the backyard, it's breezy, a beautiful 74 degrees. For the Halloween season, I think I'll read this spooky tale from Ray Bradbury, about a strange family, who seem similar to The Addams Family. Here's Book 61 in my challenge #100Booksin2016 #RayBradbury #FromtheDustReturned

Also, I've read 60 books this year. That's pretty rad. High five. The organization 'Asian and Pacific Islander American Vote' is on a mission. I've gotten 2 of these pamphlets already and I'm into it. Go and get it, APIA Vote. Get the Asians in Florida to the polls @apiavote Mexican Sunflower has bloomed Also found this, super delightful Going through some old videos before I delete them and for some reason, this entertained me way longer than it should have The inside of a papaya Faith Ringgold

American People Series #10: Study Now
Oil on canvas All is well folks! We're fine and there's no damage at all. We lost electricity from about 5am to 9am, but otherwise no worse off than before we met the hurricane. We're lucky.

Last night, at about 4am, being sleepy but too frantic to sleep, I tried to take video of my neighbors swaying trees during the roughest part of the storm. Our trees were banging against the house, all sorts of foreign noises were accumulating and yet, I could hardly see anything outside except my neighbor's lights across the street. It was blacker than I'd ever seen it. I started filming with my phone right up against the window (hoping to pick up on something) and slid it slowly right to left and the result is pretty interesting. 
#hurricanematthew Not quite sure what this bright blue light is but we've lost power and then the generator turned on. All is sort of well

#hurricanematthew Fig tree, end of summer. Trying to get my mind off of the rattling storm outside. Not a time for sleeping #blackandwhite #bw Several hours ago, the calm before the storm. It feels like a real storm now, but it's pitch black outside and I don't have any good footage (yet). #hurricanematthew
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