In Memory of Amy

3 thoughts on “In Memory of Amy”

  1. another super star falls from the sky. so pity…
    p.s. have you watched the american drama “friends”? i just feel Amy’s voice is quite similar as the “Janet” in “friends”. lol.

  2. The world lost not just a singer-songwriter but also a voice of our generation. She will never be forgotten as the girl with the soulful voice and the songwriter who could really pen great lyrics.

  3. I agree with you completely…the amount of less than respectful comments I’ve heard about her are ridiculous! It really annoys me…addiction is like an illness- you wouldn’t slam someone who died of cancer, so what is the difference? i was never particularly fond of her or her music, but really, the poor woman’s dead…instead of ranting and cussing about the fact that she was a junkie and junkies are bad; why don’t these people invest time and money into ensuring that something like this doesn’t happen again. Some people are all talk and no walk.

    I just thought I’d get that off my chest.

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