So, This Happened…

54 thoughts on “So, This Happened…”

  1. this whole post is incredible, but the gmail comment made me seriously laugh out loud. (sorry for the non-capitalization – don’t take it personally, i do it to everyone…)

  2. I just came across your post and read it like I would read someone else’s. What caught my attention more was the negative reply above. Keep up the good work and continue blogging,.

    I don’t see anything wrong with writing about how you feel about your given name. You have a right to do so coz you own and live up to that name, Isn’t America a multicultural society? Aren’t the Native Americans the first settlers? Why should race or color be a part of that “real american’s” issue? I find your post appropriate and he could just have read it and moved on. I don’t understand what his beef is. Moreover, he should go back to his English books and work on his prepositions and spelling. In a nutshell, a person’s given name is his own and it is utterly important that it be pronounced as it should out of respect for another. What’s wrong with going that extra mile to listen attentively when someone is introduced to you. As for “real american”, who and what you are is not about race, color, name or even education. It is how you treat others, it is what is inside your heart. No race or color is above anyone. We are all equal in God’s eyes so get off your high horse and live like the rest of us.

  3. I laughed so hard I cried. I love your response! At the same time I really am sorry that guy was such a d-bag to you. Last time I checked we’re all immigrants, but who knows, my college history textbooks could have been wrong.

  4. As sad as it is to see that some people store so much hate in their heart towards others, it’s invigorating to see there are people, such as yourself Sarojini, who can rise above them. Keep up the great work, I am enjoying your blog, and hope the best for you! Your critique of this poor soul’s comment had my chuckling at my desk at work. (:

    1. People can be disappointing, for sure, but in contrast to the lovely messages I’ve received from people life yourself, that one message doesn’t make a dent. I can’t even worry about the rantings of a madman, y’know?

      I’m glad I could bring some laughter to you while at work. Laughter at work can be a rare thing! Thanks for the thoughts!

  5. wow. just wow.

    I am so happy you publicly responded to this persons comment. Like others mentioned I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

    And don’t worry.. you are still the bigger person.. even with critiquing his nonsense piece by piece

  6. You article on nicknames was excellent. I liked your article so much, I posted, which I rarely do. You touched on a topic that many people can relate to and shared your story in a humorous, thoughtful way. I am so tired of all the hate out there. Thanks for taking this post apart line by line and pointing out the absurdity. Keep writing!

  7. First off, that dude was an idiot. Where I felt you probably should have just ignored the ignorance, I’m glad you didn’t. I was sitting over here yelling at the screen as I read myself LOL. Secondly, all the history books I’ve ever read says that the “native AMERICANS” were here first and THEN his English Colonial Ancestors came and pushed them out of the limelight. That guy needs a history lesson. Maybe an english lesson too. Keep writing, and I’ll keep coming back!

    1. Thanks a bunch! We’re all immigrants, but some would like to deny the past. I’m not into that. I usually don’t respond to hatred or try to argue with ignorance, but that guy is special and besides, it was too funny to pass up.

      Thanks for reading and for the comments. I appreciate it!

  8. Love your reply! You are my new hero!!!!! You show a class, intelligence, wit and pure overall awesomeness that the “real” American will never have… no matter how ‘merican he is….

  9. You really should stop stealing leprosy. If you want some of that good-good, you should stand in line and pay for it like everyone else. The “country of many nations” does not want your particular nation (of non-white), ok?

    What an idiot! And your response is great. LOL

  10. so my neighbor came over because he heard me laughing my ass off and after a little backstory and reading your critique he’s fallen in love. one more fan for ya’ (you’re welcome)

    yea no capital letters here either, hitting the shift button is hard with all the leprosy on my fingers

    1. Ha! How did you get some leprosy when I’ve stolen it all??? I don’t care about no caps, I just wanted him to be consistent. Some caps, no caps, caps in the middle of a sentence – pick a style dude.

      Thanks for reading (and laughing!) and I appreciate the new fan so much. (I love him, too. Tell him.)

  11. WordPress is an awesome community filled with a lot of awesome people. But even here, humans can still be found. Be wary of those creatures!

    All your leprosy belong to us. You have no chance to survive make your time.

  12. This made me laugh so much. I had first read the post where this all began..which was great fyi. Then I discovered you’d responded to this comment! Priceless. Thanks for letting us all feel like we got to steal someone’s leprosy vicariously though you. 🙂

  13. Firstly, I loved your original article so much that I linked it, because I am also an American-born Indian, and you basically summed up the story of my life (or at least every school roll call I have ever experienced…including college). Secondly, I’m sorry that your article was subjected to such rampant stupidity, I guess the guy forgot the whole freedom of speech thing applies to you as well as him. Thirdly, I just have to say that it’s not like America has a monopoly on English colonial rule…can you say East India Trading Company?

    Anyways, my nerd side had to speak up once I read this…if nothing else, you have the support of a fellow job-stealing leper 🙂

  14. Thanks for parsing out the inanity of Real American’s rant, so I don’t have to!

    Though I would like to retract my previous comment from the original post: I think “Sarojini” looks better on you than “Suzi.”

  15. I loved the original article, and after reading this I have to say. You. Are. Epic! And the ‘Real American’ reminds me of a person who was once a friend of mine… he now compares me to Hitler and old cars :S Very weird I must say.

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