How To Trick Your Body Into Thinking You Maybe, Possibly, Kinda Ate Something Healthy In The Last Week

10 thoughts on “How To Trick Your Body Into Thinking You Maybe, Possibly, Kinda Ate Something Healthy In The Last Week”

  1. I enjoy your honesty in pointing out that even “healthy” foods are really not very healthy…

    Chocolate covered apples sound delicious and healthier than most of those things! lol

  2. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory does indeed make chocolate covered apples. Caramel covered apples, M&M covered apples, pretty much anything you can imagine is covering the apples. Last I heard they deliver, so google it if you’re really curious. Anyway. Healthy these days, isn’t quite as healthy as it was 20 years ago. Everything is soaked in salt, sugar, fat, pesticides, E coli, or hormones. Unless you grow your own, or go organic even the healthy stuff isn’t all that healthy.

  3. Sarojini ~ I bet you are gaining LOTS of new friends!!! What a pleasure you are :o) I am going to re-blog “So This Happened”. It is perfectly timely in the face of all the challenges The World faces each day right now. This is the EXACT reason why we are struggling so much! You are a treasure!!!!
    You are making me laugh and smile with each post I read! I should be so funny!!! (I over use exclaimation points, I know :o))
    Anyway THANK YOU for being just the kind of Red Blooded American our world needs!!! Much love and The Best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AmberLena

  4. I have to say, I’ve never seen it put better than this. I love the sarcastic remarks along with pure facts, I actually love fruits in vegetables, (thank God since I’m a vegetarian) and all, but I’m glad I know I should just drink water instead of wasting $3 on V8!

  5. I’m vegetarian too and it makes me crazy that so many people won’t just pick up a raw piece of fruit and eat it! Instead of eating one of those gross bars, just eat an apple. What’s so hard about that?

    Thank you!!

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