This is, quite possibly, the dumbest thing you’ll ever read

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January 18, 2013 by Sarojini Seupersad


I am totally going to Africa

Africa is amazing! And adventurous! And wow! Look at all the animals! I can’t wait to hug Africa, guys! Do you want to hug Africa with me? Let’s go on safari!

Well, “stylist and blogger,” Golriz Moeini would like to tell you what she thinks of Africa, but more importantly, why she loves Africa. She’s titled her self-indulgent essay, which has been published on The Huffington Post, “I Also Dreamed of Africa.” I should mention – she’s never been to Africa. But she’s a fan of people who have!

This essay is real. And for what I can assume is the result of the Travel section editor’s unusual and surprise disappearance, this was published on The Huffington Post on January 15, 2013. Under the Travel section, you ask? Yes, under the Travel section. Dreaming about going somewhere is now considered traveling? Okay Huffington Post!

This person is a World-Class idiot. Among a whole host of problems with this insensitive, banal, insipid essay, does she not know Dian Fossey was murdered? IN AFRICA? Does she know that Africa is a large continent comprised of many different countries? Her naivetĂ© is sort of adorable, but it’s also really not. This belongs on her personal, “I Have Big Dreams!” blog – not on The Huffington Post. I am no fan of The Huffington Post, admittedly, but this is shockingly bad, not to mention patronizing and fanciful and not based in reality.

Did she write this when she was twelve? And guys, should I get started on my “I Dreamed of South America,” essay? (I would say ‘Dreamt,’ but let’s not get away from the point.)


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