MoMA’s Most Ambitious Project Yet: Ruin Björk For Everyone

One thought on “MoMA’s Most Ambitious Project Yet: Ruin Björk For Everyone”

  1. Intended or not, the cynicism that the exhibition evokes in the “art critique” or on the “general audience” says more about the media than the actual pieces. It seems that it’s become the IT topic to bash on the exhibition not because it is “bad” but because it is not “Bjork”. But what exactly is Bjork, and why are we suppose to box her into expectations?

    And returning to the cynicism, art is suppose to make you feel. It is suppose to bring an emotion into the spectator. And I believe this did the good. It made people hate, furious and degraded expectations. It makes me very sad that there are not more exhibitions that work with these kinds of topics.

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