Dine In Brooklyn

I know there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but oftentimes when I open a menu, I’m a little surprised (an $18 vegetarian burrito?!) at the prices. I quickly shut my eyes, wiggle my nose à la Samantha Stephens and hope that when I reopen my eyes, the prices will have changed in my favor. … Continue reading Dine In Brooklyn

Weekend Rundown

This weekend, don’t sit home, being depressed about the economy (and your bank account). Get yer ass outside and enjoy life, albeit on a responsible budget. Here are a few, low-cost events to float your boat this weekend: Listen to opera singers compete for cash and prizes! Symphony Space, May 15 6:30 pm Harlem Opera Vocal Compitition … Continue reading Weekend Rundown

Joe’s Pita

Ever smell food so good, you just have to turn around from walking your dog and find out where it’s coming from? Or, you completely stop in your tracks because, whatever it is, you must eat it now? That’s how I happened upon Joe’s Pita, on 14th street and 5th Ave. It was evening and I was … Continue reading Joe’s Pita