My Interview with Marco Ursino

I visited the relaxed Williamsburg offices of The Brooklyn International Film Festival to speak with its creator and Executive Director, Marco Ursino. I was greeted by friendly faces, smiles and the intermittent clicking of computer keys. Susan Mackell, Director of Development for the festival, ushered me into a comfortable leather seating area and offered me water when a spontaneous … Continue reading My Interview with Marco Ursino

Rooftop Films 2009

Start your summer right, the way it’s supposed to be: under the stars. Rooftop Films can help you. For the 13th year in a row, Rooftop shows independent, underground films at unique locations. This years kick-off is tonight in the Lower East Side, with music and free beer at Fontana’s. Shows are usually Friday and … Continue reading Rooftop Films 2009

Meatpacking District Does Cocktails (and Design)

Most of us know the Meatpacking District as the 24-hour party zone, but this weekend the focus will be on design, architecture and yes, cocktails. Meatpacking District Design 09 is a cocktail-filled weekend event showcasing tours of new hotels, the historical neighborhood and shops. It’s an event designed to invite the public to share in what The District … Continue reading Meatpacking District Does Cocktails (and Design)

River to River Festival

The new schedule for this summer’s River to River Festival is finally available (after many annoyed e-mails) and there’s something for everyone: adults, children and  adults who act like children. Live music, outdoor movies (The Seven Year Itch is one of them!) and poetry are some of the wonderful activities you can enjoy this summer, downtown of … Continue reading River to River Festival

The Model As Muse

Thank goodness the supermodel craze is over. I thought  we’d never get rid of Cindy Crawford. Now, aside from her weird Raymore & Flanigan commercials, advertising denim sofas (what?), we really don’t have to see her too much anymore. You miss her, you say? You really miss the way the same 5 models were used by every … Continue reading The Model As Muse

McCarren Park

I don’t have to say much about this place because you already know. You’ve been there, you’ve seen a show, you’ve danced with your shirt off, you’ve bumped into an old girlfriend who’s now dating the drummer from [insert band-of-the-moment] and you’ve thrown up your Brooklyn Lager. It’s ok. We’ve all been there. There’s an … Continue reading McCarren Park

Fort Greene Park

I think it’s officially called something regal like, ‘The Fort Greene Park Conservancy,’ but any way you slice it, it’s a large greene space in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. Jogging trails, volunteerships, weekend farmers markets and lots of trees and green grass – just waiting for you to sit on, break out your acoustic and … Continue reading Fort Greene Park