Bushwick is getting fancy

I passed a wine store today in Bushwick. Yes, a real, bona fide wine store, without a tacky sign that sadly announces, “Liquor Store.” Oh, no no no. It’s an actual Wine Merchant. On Bogart Street. The New Bushwick, home to the up-and-coming Arts Crowd, is a mix of lower-income minority families and hipster overflow from … Continue reading Bushwick is getting fancy

Dear Swine Flu,

I feel sick today. My head is congested and my stomach is upset. I have no appetite. This has me concerned because I always have an appetite. Is it you, Swine flu? Or regular flu? Something I ate? Something I didn’t eat? Who coughed on me? Yeah, I think it’s the Swine Flu. Joe Biden … Continue reading Dear Swine Flu,

Ziploc Bag.

This happened a while ago, but it’s so good, I had to share it here: Most New Yorkers probably feel they’ve seen everything, myself being one of them. Well, now…it’s official. I have seen everything. But I bet you’ve never seen this. New York has cornered the market in crazy. Now this is a different kind … Continue reading Ziploc Bag.

Disaster always strikes when you’re late to a party.

I love parties. Meeting new people and instantly forgetting their names; drinking cocktails and eating food I didn’t have to prepare; taking drunk photos that don’t make sense the next day – I love it all and I’m game. So I was psyched to go to my friend’s uber-modern, co-ed baby shower/barbeque. I was not psyched, … Continue reading Disaster always strikes when you’re late to a party.