Imma Boss Lady

  Are you the boss? For all of you Boss Ladies out there, here’s something you can wear so that everyone else knows what a Boss Lady you truly are. Get it now, because the artist known as junkprints, only made 50. The necklace, which looks good around anyone’s neck, is made out of recycled vinyl … Continue reading Imma Boss Lady

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Need a reminder of warmer seasons to come? The internationally acclaimed New York artist Will Ryman, in concert with the Paul Kasmin Gallery, is here to provide some well-earned respite for cold-weary New Yorkers. His outdoor larger-than-life sculpture installation, The Roses, brings sunshine, greenery and whimsical, happiness-inducing rose blossoms to Park Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. … Continue reading Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Discount tickets, brought to you by Lincoln Center

This month, the new multi-purpose David Rubenstein Atrium opened to the public. The Atrium, designed for people seeking information about Lincoln Center programs and venues, is also a community meeting space and a discount tickets portal. The space offers tours, free Wi-Fi access, tasty morsels, restrooms (fancy!) and free entertainment during Target Free Thursdays. This week, The Atrium is hosting the opening night … Continue reading Discount tickets, brought to you by Lincoln Center

Crowning Glory

The Statue of Liberty’s Crown is now open. After years out of commission, you can now visit and make your New York memories, oh so much more memorable. Some caveats: The lines! And the limited ticketing system! And the reservations! Good luck. Get info for tickets here. Continue reading Crowning Glory

Guest Blogger Jamie Sward Delights Us with Modern Design

Harry Allen – The Future of Modern Design – By Jamie Sward Modern designers are known for being innovative, creative and ahead of the curve. New York-based designer, Harry Allen is all of that and more. The founder and president of Harry Allen Design, Allen received his Masters in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute. … Continue reading Guest Blogger Jamie Sward Delights Us with Modern Design

The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum

This year, help celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversary of one of our most beautiful New York City landmarks: the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Guggenheim Museum. Can you believe it’s been 50 years already? How time flies!  Why, I remember when they were drawing up the plans! Oh, the fun times we had. President Eisenhower was down for Nixon and … Continue reading The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum

Street Art Retrospective at The Helenbeck Gallery

The etymology of the word graffiti is of Italian origins, stemming from the word graffiato, meaning to scratch or scribble. In the early 20th century, graffiti was relegated to scratches on the wall, Yossarian Lives! or some other political message. In the 60’s and 70’s, graffiti emerged from the underground mostly as a public nuisance, … Continue reading Street Art Retrospective at The Helenbeck Gallery

Meatpacking District Does Cocktails (and Design)

Most of us know the Meatpacking District as the 24-hour party zone, but this weekend the focus will be on design, architecture and yes, cocktails. Meatpacking District Design 09 is a cocktail-filled weekend event showcasing tours of new hotels, the historical neighborhood and shops. It’s an event designed to invite the public to share in what The District … Continue reading Meatpacking District Does Cocktails (and Design)

The Model As Muse

Thank goodness the supermodel craze is over. I thought  we’d never get rid of Cindy Crawford. Now, aside from her weird Raymore & Flanigan commercials, advertising denim sofas (what?), we really don’t have to see her too much anymore. You miss her, you say? You really miss the way the same 5 models were used by every … Continue reading The Model As Muse