Crowning Glory

The Statue of Liberty’s Crown is now open. After years out of commission, you can now visit and make your New York memories, oh so much more memorable. Some caveats: The lines! And the limited ticketing system! And the reservations! Good luck. Get info for tickets here. Continue reading Crowning Glory

The Rubin Museum of Art

Most people have never heard of the Rubin Museum of Art, but it really is a wonderful gem. While it primarily focuses on the arts of the Himalayas, with textual, historical paintings, sculptures and information, this modern building has beautiful event space and hosts tons of events and live programs (like Steve Martin’s sold-out concert in May showcasing his … Continue reading The Rubin Museum of Art

The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum

This year, help celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversary of one of our most beautiful New York City landmarks: the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Guggenheim Museum. Can you believe it’s been 50 years already? How time flies!  Why, I remember when they were drawing up the plans! Oh, the fun times we had. President Eisenhower was down for Nixon and … Continue reading The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum

Art Tatum at The Jazz Museum in Harlem

OK, so Art Tatum, the jazz pianist, died 50 years ago. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience and appreciate his music. On Saturday, June 20 2009, The Jazz Museum in Harlem will offer a free (yes, FREE) Art Tatum program, also featuring the great Ben Webster in: 2009, A Centennial Celebration. Program includes biographical overview, documentaries and an … Continue reading Art Tatum at The Jazz Museum in Harlem

Street Art Retrospective at The Helenbeck Gallery

The etymology of the word graffiti is of Italian origins, stemming from the word graffiato, meaning to scratch or scribble. In the early 20th century, graffiti was relegated to scratches on the wall, Yossarian Lives! or some other political message. In the 60’s and 70’s, graffiti emerged from the underground mostly as a public nuisance, … Continue reading Street Art Retrospective at The Helenbeck Gallery

Ziploc Bag.

This happened a while ago, but it’s so good, I had to share it here: Most New Yorkers probably feel they’ve seen everything, myself being one of them. Well, now…it’s official. I have seen everything. But I bet you’ve never seen this. New York has cornered the market in crazy. Now this is a different kind … Continue reading Ziploc Bag.