Books Through Bars

On Saturday, the NYC organization Books Through Bars, a non-profit that raises money to send books to incarcerated people in prisons, along with Justseeds, a social and political artist’s cooperative, will be presenting VOICES FROM OUTSIDE, An Art Exhibit and Benefit Auction. The event, designed to raise money for postage to send books to prisoners, will include … Continue reading Books Through Bars

The Brooklynite Gallery Sets Up Shop…Again.

  The Brooklynite Gallery, known for their modern take on old-fashioned artistic enterprise, showcasing new artists and street-inspired art, is now celebrating it’s first year in business. The world-renowned artist Ben Frost (of Ben Frost is Dead fame) is showcasing his latest series “Plague Landscapes,” at the Brooklynite Gallery until July 18, 2009. Street artist SPECTER, now showing his work at … Continue reading The Brooklynite Gallery Sets Up Shop…Again.

Street Art Retrospective at The Helenbeck Gallery

The etymology of the word graffiti is of Italian origins, stemming from the word graffiato, meaning to scratch or scribble. In the early 20th century, graffiti was relegated to scratches on the wall, Yossarian Lives! or some other political message. In the 60’s and 70’s, graffiti emerged from the underground mostly as a public nuisance, … Continue reading Street Art Retrospective at The Helenbeck Gallery