MoMA’s Most Ambitious Project Yet: Ruin Björk For Everyone

To many people, including myself, Björk is a mystical, cosmic non-human entity from the future who allures us into her realm with colors and sounds and images and warmth and light and darkness that she’s pulled out of her little mystical pocket like a forgotten receipt. “Oh that? I was wondering where that went!” I imagine … Continue reading MoMA’s Most Ambitious Project Yet: Ruin Björk For Everyone

The Rubin Museum of Art

Most people have never heard of the Rubin Museum of Art, but it really is a wonderful gem. While it primarily focuses on the arts of the Himalayas, with textual, historical paintings, sculptures and information, this modern building has beautiful event space and hosts tons of events and live programs (like Steve Martin’s sold-out concert in May showcasing his … Continue reading The Rubin Museum of Art

The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum

This year, help celebrate the Fiftieth Anniversary of one of our most beautiful New York City landmarks: the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Guggenheim Museum. Can you believe it’s been 50 years already? How time flies!  Why, I remember when they were drawing up the plans! Oh, the fun times we had. President Eisenhower was down for Nixon and … Continue reading The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum

Art Tatum at The Jazz Museum in Harlem

OK, so Art Tatum, the jazz pianist, died 50 years ago. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience and appreciate his music. On Saturday, June 20 2009, The Jazz Museum in Harlem will offer a free (yes, FREE) Art Tatum program, also featuring the great Ben Webster in: 2009, A Centennial Celebration. Program includes biographical overview, documentaries and an … Continue reading Art Tatum at The Jazz Museum in Harlem

My Memorial Day

This year, to honor the memory of all of our servicemen and women, I decided to forgo the regular barbecue hopping and take a serene, introspective walk all over New York City, sans company. Here’s where my little feet took me:   And here’s what I saw:         Please keep in mind … Continue reading My Memorial Day

The Model As Muse

Thank goodness the supermodel craze is over. I thought  we’d never get rid of Cindy Crawford. Now, aside from her weird Raymore & Flanigan commercials, advertising denim sofas (what?), we really don’t have to see her too much anymore. You miss her, you say? You really miss the way the same 5 models were used by every … Continue reading The Model As Muse


I hope you already know this, and if you don’t it’s a shame. In this economic climate, who has extra money to lay out 20 bucks just to see a white wall painted bright pink? I don’t. So, when you go to MOMA, make sure you go on Friday nights from 4pm -8pm, when it’s completely free. … Continue reading MOMA

Modern Photography at the Metropolitan Museum

If you like photography (who doesn’t?) then you’ll want to find yourself at The Metropolitan Museum of Art for their new photo installation, The Pictures Generation 1974-1984, running now till August 2, 2009.  Modern photography, little to no entrance fee, bumping into art-loving foreign men…hell yes! Don’t forget: the entrance fee is a “suggested donation,” so you … Continue reading Modern Photography at the Metropolitan Museum