[UPDATED] Björk Comes to Brooklyn

There are few times in life in which superlatives are ever really fitting. I think we find them acceptable because we like to exaggerate; punctuate our own language with interest; make everyday occurrences seem out of the ordinary and somehow useful to others and special to notice, when in actuality, most occurrences are boring and … Continue reading [UPDATED] Björk Comes to Brooklyn

MoMA’s Most Ambitious Project Yet: Ruin Björk For Everyone

To many people, including myself, Björk is a mystical, cosmic non-human entity from the future who allures us into her realm with colors and sounds and images and warmth and light and darkness that she’s pulled out of her little mystical pocket like a forgotten receipt. “Oh that? I was wondering where that went!” I imagine … Continue reading MoMA’s Most Ambitious Project Yet: Ruin Björk For Everyone

Goodbye, Michael.

Y’all know how much I love tv, and like everybody else, I especially love The Office (except for my sister, she hates it, but she’s from another planet). With the approaching departure of Steve Carell’s  character from The Office, I’ve been going over great Micheal Scott conversations (problem: they’re all great) with hopes of sharing some … Continue reading Goodbye, Michael.

Books Through Bars

On Saturday, the NYC organization Books Through Bars, a non-profit that raises money to send books to incarcerated people in prisons, along with Justseeds, a social and political artist’s cooperative, will be presenting VOICES FROM OUTSIDE, An Art Exhibit and Benefit Auction. The event, designed to raise money for postage to send books to prisoners, will include … Continue reading Books Through Bars

Banksy Documentary, ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop,’ Checks Out

Hardly anyone believed that the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, directed by the internationally known (infamously) anonymous British street artist and prankster Banksy – known for his monkey mask, political subjects, humor and extreme secrecy – was an actual documentary. The film, about a filmmaker cum successful street artist, Thierry Guetta or “Mr. Brainwash,” didn’t seem real to most people, not only because … Continue reading Banksy Documentary, ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop,’ Checks Out

Friday Morning Surprise Brought To You By Radiohead

Good morning! I’ll cut to the chase y’all. Instead of releasing their new album King of Limbs, on Saturday as scheduled, Radiohead has released it a day early, for your full-weekend audio pleasure. Here in New York that couldn’t be a better gift because, along with this new spring-like weather, everyone’s got a renewed pep … Continue reading Friday Morning Surprise Brought To You By Radiohead

New Radiohead Album: “The King of Limbs”

On Monday morning, Radiohead announced the arrival of their new album, The King of Limbs. Although the album is not officially available in stores until May 9th, they will be releasing TKOL as a digital download on February 19, 2011. Yup, that’s this Saturday. According to their website, TKOL is available in the physical “Newspaper Album,” … Continue reading New Radiohead Album: “The King of Limbs”

Modern Love

Ah…LOVE. Sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach, loss of vision. Wait, that sounds more like an alcohol blackout than a romantic experience. Believe me, I know. When was the last time a date gave you butterflies, anyway? That just doesn’t happen anymore, does it? In a world where you can Google someone to find out where they … Continue reading Modern Love

Governor Cuomo: less money, more problems.

The deficit is how much? We have a new governor and he doesn’t hire hookers! Yet! In a small, understated Inaugural today, New York’s new Governor Andrew Cuomo was sworn in at the Capitol Building in Albany. In attendance were his three daughters, his weird, skinny Food Network Stepford girlfriend Sandra “I can’t wait to be First Lady” Lee … Continue reading Governor Cuomo: less money, more problems.