Adam, So What You’re Saying Is: Robot Ghosts?

Adam Ostrow, Editor in Chief of, is really weird. He gave this presentation at a recent TEDtalk and managed to bum the whole audience out. To him, it would be super cool if – based on previous material posted by you – Facebook, Twitter et al, could continue to post and update your pages … Continue reading Adam, So What You’re Saying Is: Robot Ghosts?

Super Moon!

No, this isn’t the most recent installment of the Twilight saga. It’s real life and it’s happening tomorrow night. According to NASA scientists, this phenomenon occurs only a couple of times during one’s life. The phenomenon, called the super moon, refers to the particular moment when -during the full moon phase- the moon’s orbit is … Continue reading Super Moon!

Jane Goodall at the 92nd Street Y

Jane Goodall, the world renowned primatologist and humanitarian, will be joining the 92nd Street Y in a conversation on September 2, 2009. Now 75, she’s worked towards improving conditions for animals, as well as educating humans about primates and their behaviors, since the early 1960’s. She’ll be discussing her new book and her illustrious career. Also, later … Continue reading Jane Goodall at the 92nd Street Y