Leave the Ugly Moments in the Umbrella Stand

Sometimes, I’m not so smart. Let me explain. Most of the time, I’m a very nice, friendly sort of person who is empathetic and patient. I say please and thank you. I’m easy to laughter. I’ll start a conversation with nearly anyone, I make eye contact and smile at people, I hold doors open and … Continue reading Leave the Ugly Moments in the Umbrella Stand

Banksy Documentary, ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop,’ Checks Out

Hardly anyone believed that the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, directed by the internationally known (infamously) anonymous British street artist and prankster Banksy – known for his monkey mask, political subjects, humor and extreme secrecy – was an actual documentary. The film, about a filmmaker cum successful street artist, Thierry Guetta or “Mr. Brainwash,” didn’t seem real to most people, not only because … Continue reading Banksy Documentary, ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop,’ Checks Out

Imma Boss Lady

  Are you the boss? For all of you Boss Ladies out there, here’s something you can wear so that everyone else knows what a Boss Lady you truly are. Get it now, because the artist known as junkprints, only made 50. The necklace, which looks good around anyone’s neck, is made out of recycled vinyl … Continue reading Imma Boss Lady

Friday Morning Surprise Brought To You By Radiohead

Good morning! I’ll cut to the chase y’all. Instead of releasing their new album King of Limbs, on Saturday as scheduled, Radiohead has released it a day early, for your full-weekend audio pleasure. Here in New York that couldn’t be a better gift because, along with this new spring-like weather, everyone’s got a renewed pep … Continue reading Friday Morning Surprise Brought To You By Radiohead

New Radiohead Album: “The King of Limbs”

On Monday morning, Radiohead announced the arrival of their new album, The King of Limbs. Although the album is not officially available in stores until May 9th, they will be releasing TKOL as a digital download on February 19, 2011. Yup, that’s this Saturday. According to their website, TKOL is available in the physical “Newspaper Album,” … Continue reading New Radiohead Album: “The King of Limbs”

Life in Rosy Hues

Without love, we are nothing at all. – Edith Piaf   On this warmest of days, St. Valentine’s Day, let’s remember one of the greatest endless romantics, the most emotional French chanteuses to ever grace our nearest memories – Edith Piaf. Despite her tragic beginnings, those close to her remember Edith for her loud antics, her uncompromising spirit and her unabashed love … Continue reading Life in Rosy Hues

The Rejection Show with Jon Friedman

The Rejection Show, hosted by Jon Friedman, a writer at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,  is a cult-favorite comedy event that showcases the hilarious professional and personal failures and rejections of comedians, artists and writers. The live comedy series, coupled with music, karaoke and well, a party, will be hosting Special Edition: The Rejection Show’s Valentine’s Day Heartbreak Haven … Continue reading The Rejection Show with Jon Friedman

Modern Love

Ah…LOVE. Sweaty palms, butterflies in your stomach, loss of vision. Wait, that sounds more like an alcohol blackout than a romantic experience. Believe me, I know. When was the last time a date gave you butterflies, anyway? That just doesn’t happen anymore, does it? In a world where you can Google someone to find out where they … Continue reading Modern Love

Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Need a reminder of warmer seasons to come? The internationally acclaimed New York artist Will Ryman, in concert with the Paul Kasmin Gallery, is here to provide some well-earned respite for cold-weary New Yorkers. His outdoor larger-than-life sculpture installation, The Roses, brings sunshine, greenery and whimsical, happiness-inducing rose blossoms to Park Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. … Continue reading Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Who ya gonna call?

Sources very close to me (the internet) have divulged that my aching need and desire will be fulfilled very soon. Bill Murray is reportedly reading a “very good” script entitled “Ghostbusters 3.” So many thoughts, so many thoughts are racing through my mind: Rick Moranis possessed by a phantom dog, the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man melting all over midtown and … Continue reading Who ya gonna call?