Kim Kardashian Is A Reluctant Pop Star

Kim Kardashian didn’t mean to do it. She just sort of made a music video. And kinda sang a song live at a club in Vegas for News Years. “I didn’t mean to, but I did this song.” Her words, not mine. Someone recorded it badly. Now we all have to watch it. I’m sorry. Continue reading Kim Kardashian Is A Reluctant Pop Star

Governor Cuomo: less money, more problems.

The deficit is how much? We have a new governor and he doesn’t hire hookers! Yet! In a small, understated Inaugural today, New York’s new Governor Andrew Cuomo was sworn in at the Capitol Building in Albany. In attendance were his three daughters, his weird, skinny Food Network Stepford girlfriend Sandra “I can’t wait to be First Lady” Lee … Continue reading Governor Cuomo: less money, more problems.

Two things I won’t miss about 2010: Pomplamoose.

Have you seen these two? If you haven’t, consider yourself very lucky. For most of the holiday season, I’ve had to grunt, grind my teeth and bear through these incredibly annoying Hyundai Holiday commercials, over and over and over again. Every commercial break, there they are, on a loop, singing their syrupy, high-pitched versions of holiday … Continue reading Two things I won’t miss about 2010: Pomplamoose.

Pace yourself.

So instead of posting every few hours or even every day like most people, I’ve apparently decided to post something every six months. Maybe to make my pearls of wisdom even that more rarefied? I don’t know. I’m not sure what the game plan was there, but I’m sure it had something to do with the government. … Continue reading Pace yourself.

Discount tickets, brought to you by Lincoln Center

This month, the new multi-purpose David Rubenstein Atrium opened to the public. The Atrium, designed for people seeking information about Lincoln Center programs and venues, is also a community meeting space and a discount tickets portal. The space offers tours, free Wi-Fi access, tasty morsels, restrooms (fancy!) and free entertainment during Target Free Thursdays. This week, The Atrium is hosting the opening night … Continue reading Discount tickets, brought to you by Lincoln Center

It’s been too long.

2009 proved to be a very tumultuous year for many people, including myself. While writing about frivolity and asking silly questions is my all-time favorite pastime, I just didn’t have much free time as I would have liked to devote to this blog, between looking for “serious” work or a full-time gig. Along with everyone else, I’ve felt the pinch … Continue reading It’s been too long.


If you didn’t catch it last year off-Broadway, you now have the chance to see  the musical about political activist and musician Fela Kuti at the O’neill Theatre. It’s mesmerizing, entertaining and starts soon.  Who doesn’t want to see revolution set to music anyway? Previews begin October 19. Continue reading Fela!

Jane Goodall at the 92nd Street Y

Jane Goodall, the world renowned primatologist and humanitarian, will be joining the 92nd Street Y in a conversation on September 2, 2009. Now 75, she’s worked towards improving conditions for animals, as well as educating humans about primates and their behaviors, since the early 1960’s. She’ll be discussing her new book and her illustrious career. Also, later … Continue reading Jane Goodall at the 92nd Street Y